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Meet Brauk Cokeley, Employee of the Month

Honda of Grays Harbor is proud to introduce our September Employee of the Month, Brauk Cokeley.  Brauk is our Lot Attendant which means he is the person responsible for keeping our inventory lined up, clean and ready for our customers.  He enjoys conducting “lot rodeos” where he rotates/repositions our inventory to give customers the opportunity to see all our terrific cars and trucks.

Brauk’s attention to detail, efficiency, positive attitude, work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction are all qualities that contributed to his selection as our Employee of the Month.   

Let us share a bit about Brauk. He is a lifelong Grays Harbor resident, born in Aberdeen and raised in Montesano, where he lives today. He graduated from Montesano High School and attended Grays Harbor College for 2 years. In college he took courses in welding, blueprints and fabrication. He worked 22 years at a Chevrolet dealership then he worked 8 years for a production door manufacturer in McCleary. Because he loves working on cars and trucks he switched his career focus back to the car industry and spent the past 5 years working at the Honda dealership in Aberdeen. Before becoming a Lot Attendant, he held various positions such as lube tech, worked in the body shop and detailer.

He’s very proud of both of his children. Son Chad, 34, works in the Montesano School District and daughter Shelby Rose, 20, attends college in Oregon.  He’s thrilled to share that Shelby was the 2016 Valedictorian at Aberdeen High School. His other “babies” are his 10-year-old, golden retriever mix dogs, Gunther and Guttle. They are a brother/sister duo and they love swimming in the river and fetching sticks. 

His off-work hours are spent camping, hiking, playing pool, bar-b-cueing and riding his quad. 

When asked about his current position at Honda of Grays Harbor, Brauk notes “I love my job, I love the atmosphere and I love working with all my co-workers. I like being part of a team that focuses on customer satisfaction because I enjoy seeing happy, satisfied customers”. 

So next time you are passing by or when you stop in at Honda of Grays Harbor, think about Brauk who makes our cars sparkle and lines them up precisely for your viewing and shopping pleasure!!!

Congratulations Brauk - we’re glad you’re part of our team!!!