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Original Specifications. Original Fit. Original performance.

Honda Genuine Parts, Accessories and Fluids may not be something that Honda drivers are familiar with, but they are certainly a topic every Olympia, WA, area Honda service customer needs to know about. So, what do those terms actually mean, and why are they important? In simplest terms, Honda Genuine or OEM Parts, Accessories and Fluids are designed by Honda to match the exact, original fit of your particular vehicle. This ensures your Honda vehicle continues to perform as intended and at its peak, saving you money and preserving your safety.

All Parts, Accessories and Fluids are Not Created Equal

The opposite of Genuine Honda Parts, Accessories and Fluids are the imitation or aftermarket products you’ll find at independent shops. These items are not designed or intended for your specific Honda — meaning it’s simply not very likely your Honda will achieve peak performance or efficiency once a non-Genuine item has been installed. Read on to see how choosing a non-Genuine part can impact your finances and safety on a daily basis.

The Top 5 Reasons to Go Genuine, with Real Life Examples

  1. Engine Filters – The original design and advanced materials of Genuine Honda engine filters ensure the best possible fuel economy. A non-Genuine engine filter cannot deliver the best possible fuel economy, meaning that if you choose a non-Genuine engine filter, you could end up spending more money on gas.
  2. Oil Filters – Built to strict Honda standards, Genuine Honda oil filters are the most effective way to keep your engine free of contaminants and in top shape. They’re also uniquely equipped with an anti-drainback valve that reduces wear and tear on your engine. Non-Genuine oil filters can’t offer the same benefit, and are not designed to work as well keeping contaminants out of your engine — meaning you might need to replace your engine oil more often or could be doing damage to your engine’s internal parts.
  3. Wiper Blades – The frequent changing weather that we get in Central Ohio makes your wiper blades a critical safety aspect of your Honda. That’s why you should know that Honda Genuine wiper blades provide quality and durability that imitation wiper blades from independent shops simply cannot equal. Do you want the peace of mind of knowing that your Honda’s wiper blades will perform in all that our weather brings? Choose Genuine Honda wiper blades today.
  4. Motor Oil – Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. That’s why Honda takes countless steps to blend and test our exclusive Genuine Motor Oils for maximum performance in each vehicle. Accord or Pilot, Civic or CR-V, using the Honda Genuine Motor Oil intended for your specific model means that you’ll receive maximum fuel economy and engine performance — something the aftermarket motor oils at independent shops simply can’t provide.
  5. Brake Fluid – Honda Genuine Brake Fluid is specifically designed to work Honda braking systems. Imitation brake fluids are not. What’s it mean for you? It means that your Honda braking system may not work at peak performance – especially over the long term. You may have to replace your brakes and braking components more often if you don’t use Honda Genuine Brake Fluid. With greater safety and a lower cost of ownership, Honda Genuine Brake Fluid helps protect your passengers and wallet in a way that imitation brake fluid does not.