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Honda of Grays Harbor Can Help You Decide Whether to Buy or Lease

When you’re looking for Honda cars for sale, deciding whether to buy or lease can seem daunting. However, the financing department at Honda of Grays Harbor can guide you through the process. The decision to lease or buy a Honda car, sedan or SUV is never easy, but our staff is dedicated to working with you to establish your budgetary needs, negotiate your down payment and monthly payment plans, and help you explore the benefits and drawbacks of buying and leasing so that you make a well-informed decision about your new vehicle.   

Honda of Grays Harbor Can Help You Decide Whether to Buy or Lease

When You Should Lease

Reasons to Lease:

  • Avoid financing depreciation costs
  • Lowers overall purchase cost
  • Greater flexibility towards the end of a lease

Many new car buyers want to avoid high depreciation costs, and so leasing may be a great option that provides savings. Leasing a car means that you’re responsible only for vehicle value during the term of the lease rather than the full value. As a result, you will be spending less on depreciation. (Many lease agreements also include mileage caps which may benefit if you only drive occasionally). While you will miss out on building equity and ownership, your decision to lease means greater flexibility at the end of the lease. You can either choose to trade in your Honda SUV for another or walk away rather than deal with issues around selling or trading in for purchase.

When You Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

  • Builds equity in the vehicle
  • Greater freedom of ownership
  • Allows you to keep the vehicle longer

If you’re looking to invest in a vehicle by building equity and ownership, then buying a vehicle is your best option. This would allow you greater freedom of ownership, including the option to customize your vehicle in the way you wish and drive without worrying about mileage caps.  Plus, you will able to sell your Honda vehicle down the line and get your money back. Our Olympia Honda dealership has great tools and qualified staff to help you through the financing process, so why not visit us soon?

Financing a Honda Vehicle at Our Dealership

When you visit Honda of Grays Harbor, located at 1720 Simpson Avenue in Aberdeen, WA, you will find a highly professional, well-qualified financing staff that is knowledgeable about a wide range of purchasing and leasing packages. We know that there are many pros and cons to buying or leasing a new vehicle, and we provide many great tools. Please explore our website, develop questions, or contact our sales staff at (360) 532-5833, and we will be more than happy to get you started!